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A Diagnostic Kit for Real-time Identification of Human Parasitic Infections with PCR

This development is widely in demand both for the clinical and epidemiological parasitic infection tests. Currently there are PCR techniques for diagnosing human parasites. The existing methods based on the immunological techniques have lower specificity and sensitivity, allowing identification of only one disease. Availability of a highly sensitive kit, which would allow identification of several types of parasites, will be of great value in the market of clinical diagnostic tests.

 Project phase

Currently a kit of reagents for diagnosing opisthorchiasis has been developed and is now at the stage of obtaining government registration. R&D works are being conducted to develop diagnosticums for other parasitic infections: ascariasis, trichiniasis, and giardiasis.

Detailed information can be found at: http://icnso.ru/en/projects/a_diagnostic_kit_for_real-time_identification_of_h.html